We believe that time is our most precious treasure and we create software that helps to save it. We decided that fiscal registration must be simple and automatic. And we developed software which will make reporting on trading operations an unbelievably easy task to do. Our reliable and unique software will connect the network of payment kiosks with Authority. Even more, Fiscal Registration System may be used for gathering all trading information into one single platform, synchronized with Authority Software.

With a help of our modern solution traders and payment kiosks owners may forget about complicated and boring fiscal registration. The automated process will not only save your time, but will guarantee correctness of the report. Our solution will register every trading operation before printing the receipt.

Our Fiscal Registration System is convenient both for traders and Authorities.
Processing Center

We are sure that secure financial operations start with reliable software and hardware. Our IT solutions are based on our own Processing Center...

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Payment System

We united all modern technologies to create the most secure and convenient payment system. We use single online payment gateway...

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We believe that electronic money should be easily reached whenever you need it. For that reason we created ManGo e-wallet, which makes...

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